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Olimar, and the March of the Minis!

Idea i am to start working on soon. my bro pointed it out and no one has made it yet. i am not making a moveset, just a texture.

Idea: Olimar, with pikmin that are smaller mario’s. (model replacement)

Here is a list of things that i should get done in this order.

1. Replace mario model over pikmin models (including textures).
2. Replace the animations contained within the texture file with mario ones (it wont matter for the time).
3. Make mario models smaller.
4. make animations make sense.
5. Make Textures.

To be done… within the next week… ehh, if your looking at it and want to give it a try, just do it.


Back to my little cave.

Well, im returning here for now. just quit the 2 hacking teams i am on for a temporary break till early next year. in that time, i will finish project csp, though i problably wont post anything here except for my stories on life. basically, im done with hacking for the time being, and until it gets really cold outside and i cant find a job, i will fall back on hacking (again, early next year :p)

And for pinutk because he likes this place, i have also started up a side project called project module. ima just use a hex editor to do a few things to the module files and iso swap em and see what will happen.