New Idea?

Havent posted on my blog for atleast a month, thats because i havent had any new ideas and had just been enhancing my old ones, but finally i thought of something Brilliant! The plan is to create Custom Character Portrait for normal brawl textures that look much Cooler!,  and each one is going to be different from the previous portrait!, so now each color for each character will have its own custom pic!

I’m going to start this off with my 3 main characters (Pikachu, Wolf, and one of the other 17 characters im good with) and procede on to characters that need. I’m going to have to apologize to Snake and Captain Falcon, you 2 are last in line, im sorry for this, though you guys pictures are already awesome enough.

And now for the QIKWBATNAY (Questions i know will be asked though not Asked yet)

Q.I have custom textures, what would i want these for?

A.For charcters that dont have them! chances are, you have CSP’s for your custom textures that look much cooler than the normal ones, these will enhance those normal ones so they look just as cool as the one(s) that has a custom texturre!

Q.I like this idea, though have absolutely no clue what the heck im supposed to do with this TGA file, can you help?, though if you go to , they will have a guide there on how to use em.

Q.I have a question that isnt answered in this, even though you were thinking ahead of time to answer them, what should i do?

A.Leave a comment and i will attempt to answer the question in less then 24 hours.


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