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I tried not to twist my own words but…

I kinda had to for this post to be permitted to be posted by myself. Heres the Deal, i Join Galaxia Darkness! M. Bison agrees With me joining them

The even better news is i posted my new mario CSP’s there! so for those who want them, go get em!

The Rape ape was a total fail and i hate +1 and +2 Texture and i lied about the pokemon trainer thing… i couldnt get themwithout magenta lines what so ever! other than that, i gave you guys everything i promised! so have a nice day!


Taking a break sorta

Sorry for not uploading in the last 2 days… or at least, that’s how long I think it’s been. See, I’ve been pre occupied with friends and whatnot and I’ve also been playing Super Paper Mario, which I am literally about to beat.

Other than that, I have some good new and some bad news… the good news is that I’m going to either getting a cheap capture card off of Ebay or getting my mom’s DVD recorder within the next two days. The bad news, is that I’m going to prepare for my next update, which will take 5 or 6 days (once my bro and all my friends go to Utah).

You can expect more good news once the update hits, though –

  • Thanks to a MeowMix video guide, I know now how to make CSPs without those annoying magenta tints around the edges.
  • You can expect 30+ Pokemon Trainer CSPs!
  • You will get the Mario CSP’s (lol, not done yet).
  • I also promise a new Donkey Kong texture. You’ve seen Pedobear Pikachu… but you could never even begin to imagine the horrors of THE RAPE APE…

Something else I’ll also try to finish (maybe even before the end of the day) is a new Captain Falcon victory taunt. This will be a suprise!

Mario’s New CSP’s

Says it all in the title MY BOY! I was working on Pokemon trainer and im going to do that over time because im going to Milk everything i can out of that (you can expect atleast 25 csp’s for them) here are some pics though i’m still working on it.

I’m not done yet with them though (i know i can get some good pics off google) so im not going to upload it until im done with the TGA’s.

accedentally made it a page :p

didnt think i would update today didjah?

it 11 at night and i still havent made any CSP’s, thats because access to my nintendo wii has been blocked by my friends, family, and other forces of nature. since i cant make any csp’s today, i decided after watching a great video on custom brawl music to convert some myself!

NWaA (NerdWithAnAfro) Brstm pack 1

Dr.Wily 1 Megaman  20nth Aniversary(rock)

Punch Out!! Wii Theme

Punch Out!! Glass Joe Theme

Tornido – Let’s Brawl!

Smmay Nestico – Shoreline Drive

All the files are fixed and the Download link is at the bottom.

Download Link:

Wolf’s New Csp’s… for now

they look great when i took the photos and even better when i added the magenta… thing is i cant remove the magenta line from a few of them so this is going to be one that i will do again in the future, though just incase some people wanted it now, i will have pics and Downloads at the bottom of the page and in The Nerd Cave.

It’s also kinda wierd that i cant find my green preview pic, though the csp will still be in the download.

Download Link:

Next up is Pokemon Trainer and his pokemon… man this is gonna be tough

New Kirby Csp’s

all in the title my friends, but there are plenty of things that are different about these one than the other 3 sets i have made so far.

1. I’m actually uploading the TGA files as i post it

2.The TGA files worked Perfectly (except for gray, which i had MULTIPLE problems with… do me a favor and either replace his texture or dont play as gray kirby :p). of the pictures turned out smaller than expected (pink kirby), though it actually looks pretty cool with a small pink puff ball (no not jigglypuff) holding a hammer its own size.

Download link and images fixed. Download link at bottom and in The Nerd Cave.

Download Link: http:

New Solid Snake CSP’s

Title and previous posts explain it. They have been tested, though it’s tough to get rid of the magenta lines without dramatically dropping the quality, so the download link is at the bottom and in the nerd cave as usual, though im going to go back to snake and re-upgrade him in the future.

Download Link: Snakes Custom CSP’s